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Safety Critical Solutions

Safety Critical Solutions

Industry-leading safety critical solutions across the UK from Total Safety.

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Safety Supplies / PPE

Total Safety has top brands of wearable PPE equipment to help protect your workers from environmental hazards, falls, and job-related injuries.

In-Plant Service Centres

On-site, expert safety technicians, equipment and maintenance and inspection services are bundled to help manage your unique project needs.

Vending Solutions

Total Safety offers Vending Solutions using the most innovative vending services available on the market today.


Total Safety’s Safetek Smart Monitor™ offers real-time integrated technology solutions that maximize worker safety both inside and outside of confined spaces. 


Minimise the risk of vehicle to person collisions.

We partner with leading manufacturers on all types of personal protective equipment including Ansell, MSA, Industrial Scientific, 3M, Honeywell, Blackline Safety and more to get you the latest products:

  • Fall Arrest/ Working at Height Equipment 

  • Respiratory Protection 

  • Gas Detection 


  • Communication Devices

Safety Supplies

Thanks to our global capabilities, local footprint and efficient distribution systems, we are on hand to supply the safety equipment, supplies, and personal protective equipment you require with a quick turnaround. Before delivery, all rental safety equipment and protective gear is cleaned, maintained, calibrated and tested in full compliance of manufacturers’ recommendations by our certified technicians.

Safety Supplies/PPE
In-plant service centres
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On-site, expert safety technicians, equipment and maintenance and inspection services are bundled to help manage your unique project needs. Our full-time, trained technicians can be on site day or night, to provide integrated safety services that support your specific site requirements, help improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and minimise costs.

By implementing an IPSC at your location, we can help lower costs and increase your worksite safety records. Our teams are certified in equipment maintenance, to ensure your workforce is only using clean, tested, and inspected equipment. Only pay for the time you use the tools. We bring the experts to you! Have professional safety personnel on-site around the clock to serve your contractors and employees. When safety matters, we’re ready. ™ 

Our in-plant service centres offer: 

  • Advanced planning of safety practices and determination of supply chain and rental needs   

  • Full line of respiratory protection & gas detection equipment   

  • Fall protection equipment & harnesses

  • PPE: hard hats, hearing protection, gloves, goggles, footwear,   

  • Training: our experts will train on the correct use of all tools and equipment  

  • Auditing of contractor and in-house staff safety practices    

  • Repair, maintenance, and calibration of life-safety equipment. All safety equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggested practices and standards.  

Vending solutions

Total Safety offers vending solutions using today's most innovative vending services. We have an expansive suite of asset management systems to manage your inventory and point-of-use vending needs. Let us help you control costs and manage consumable inventory.  Our inventory tracking software monitors item usage, and inventory levels so you always have on hand exactly what you need, when you need it.


Items that require regular inspection and maintenance can be particularly challenging. Therefore, we provide 24/7/365 certified technical expertise to help you stay compliant and access the working equipment, and supplies you need on-demand.

Vending Solutions

Vending program benefits:

  • Enhanced Cost Savings 

  • Reducing Consumable Usage 

  • Reducing Purchasing Costs 

  • Maximize Time on Tools 

  • Providing Calibration & Safety Compliance 

  • Increased Productivity 

Our Safetek Smart Monitor™ offers real-time integrated technology solutions that maximize worker safety both inside and outside of confined spaces. Our centralised Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM) solution helps to track atmosphere changes, employee activities, confined space entry access and more all from a central control room.

SafeTek Smart Monitor

Safetek Smart Monitor 

Centralised Confined Space Monitoring (CCSM) is our integrated safety system designed to improve worker safety in confined spaces through real-time monitoring, supervision, and data collection. 

Using Safetek technologies, the control centre continually identifies workers within the space, maintains a visual and a clear line of communication, monitors the atmosphere for toxic or dangerous gases, and delivers appropriate alarms if an incident occurs. Most importantly, data is collected continuously and can be reported on at any time.

Centralised Command Centre 

  • Utilises visualization software to centralise, analyse and report all incoming data through one video recording 

  • Provides continuous oversight of the confined space(s) by trained technicians. 

  • Completes checklists to verify work permits, required personal protective equipment (PPE) and potential atmospheric hazards 

  • Projects clear and visible alarm conditions and status 

  • Receives visual and audible via “pop-ups” in case of incoming calls 

Minimise the risk of vehicle to person collisions. ZoneSafe proximity warning safety solutions reduce the risk of accidents between pedestrian workers, vehicles and assets.

  • Personnel Access Control - a system set up in a specific area and supporting tags act as an access/key device to gain access to the designated area

  • Tagless System option

  • Vehicle Proximity Warning System – where an alarm or flashing light warning sign can warn pedestrians of an oncoming vehicle (for blind spots, corners etc)

  • Hazard Alert – where forklift drivers are prompted/warned of particular hazards that have been linked to the system (Gases, Oil, Toxic materials etc)

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Anti Collision – can be used in addition to the car to the pedestrian system or as standalone

  • Insight Data Management – optional extra where all incidents, occurrences and statistics linked to the system are stored in the cloud and accessible online (to help improve company safety culture, assist with audits, company/industry reporting etc)

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